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Your castle for your wedding in Italy

Dear Brides and collegues,

Hi everyone, I'd like to share my visit to the best Castle for your
wedding in Italy with all of you. This castle is a real dream for your
wedding in Italy, it's a full stone castle built in the middle-ages
and has a lot of possibilities both inside and outside.
You could have the cocktail welcome reception outside in the garden
and then move inside the courtyard (always open air). Adjacent to the
courtyard's, is another room (you can see this room from the courtyard
because there is glass doors/windows dividing them). In this room you
could dance and have your party, which is nice because the people that
want to just chat and relax can do so without loud music but at the
same time they can watch the others having fun. In case of rain, you
could hold all your reception inside as you have this covered
courtyard and the rooms inside at your disposal.
Regarding the celebration you have two possibilities.
You can have the celebration in the garden, it's very beautiful and has the Castle as your background scenario and then just 10 meters away you can organize the welcome cocktail.

Walking inside the castle we also visited the terrace. This terrace is
just over the courtyard photo numbers.... and there is a big window
where you have a beautiful view of Florence, maybe perfect for a blessing.

If you decide to have a wedding ceremony in a church, there is a
lovely church not far from the castle and just across the
street there is a bar with beautiful terrace, overlooking Florence's
skyline. As I was there, I was thinking (just an idea) to organize a
little cocktail drink on this terrace where after the wedding ceremony
you can receive greetings from your guests, then they can move on to
the castle for the cocktail, and you both with your photographer can
follow them after taking a few photo shoots.


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